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What We Do


Spirit Living Group is a family owned company that develops, owns and operates senior housing communities in the urban centers of the San Francisco Bay Area. The Principals have been owner/operators and have represented their prior companies, JV partners and mission based non profits with more than 1,300 units of senior housing and $400m in funding.


Spirit Living Group has three areas of focus:

  • Development and acquisitions in high barrier to entry, urban infill locations
  • Operations and asset management with a local team that is responsive to its residents and neighbors
  • Procuring capital and investing sponsor equity with its capital partners to ensure high quality and sustainable projects with lasting positive community impact


Spirit Living Group brings hands-on experience and an established track record in a broad range of disciplines focused on senior housing development, financing and operations. A local presence allows creative and vibrant projects to take shape in high barrier to entry, urban infill locations and provides a rich scope of opportunities for seniors, their circle of care and the partners of the Company.

The Principals of Spirit Living Group have served as:

  • CEO, CFO and Executive Director of regional real estate development and management companies
  • attorney in the real estate and senor housing division of a top-tier law firm
  • in-house counsel and President of Development for a real estate and senior housing management company
  • Vice President for a real estate investment banking firm


The mission of Spirit Living Group is to build community and create beauty.

The Company is guided by values of:


Spirit’s work is rooted in a “Yes, And” approach, a mindset of improvisational theater that encourages creative ideas, openness to new ways, and seeing how things can work instead of finding reasons why they won’t. It means being comfortable with change and failure, continuing to listen, and staying present, positive and grateful.